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I love it when the True Believers and the Scientists go at it! They leave us Pagans alone for a while.

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Friday, February 23, 2007
Jesus’s Tomb Found – Really?
Those of us who have been studying the Jesus myth for long enough not only have seen this coming, but we’ve already addressed it, because the “Jesus’s tomb found!” crowing is as old as the hills. This latest load of hooey pops up, of course, right in time for Easter, when we will be bludgeoned with the hideous tale of the gentle Lord and Savior of the cosmos being brutally beaten and sacrificed – to himself, in an expiatory ritual somehow designed to remove the sins of the weak and beggarly creatures this all-powerful Lord created in the first place.

As outlined in my books The Christ Conspiracy and Suns of God, the creation of holy relics to bolster a flagging faith constitutes ancient priestcraft of the first order. No self-respecting priesthood could be without such fabrication, and this latest bit of legerdemain is hardly anything outstanding within this long line of chicanery and treachery.

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