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Just returned from 10 days away to the Gorge and then Ocean Shores. From Pagan drumming at Summerstar to kites in the the summer skies and The Wild Hog Sun and Surf Run (a convocation of what seemed like 10,000 Harleys) it has been a wonderful 10 days. Need to do this more often.

brandywilliams, tedgill, jennyoakes and I went off to Summerstar and had a mostly successful foray back into Pagan festival attendance. It was Jenny’s first big pagan event.

Sunday Brandy and Ted headed home and Jenny and I packed up and headed to the wide open beaches of the Pacific at Ocean Shores, Wa for seven days of flying sport kites and just sitting in a well-equipped camp site.

The camp site was beautiful. Ocean City State Park

“The area is part of the Pacific Flyway for migratory birds and is adjacent to the migratory route of gray whales and other sea mammals. A creek stained various colors by algae and shore plants separates the beach from dunes. Wildflowers, including buttercups, wild strawberry and lupine color the beach grasses. Dense shore pine hugs tidelands and surrounds fresh and saltwater marshes. The park offers an excellent example of coastal wetlands and dune succession. The area has an annual average rainfall of 100 inches.”

Nestled in among coastal pines and maple on the edge of a marsh, it was alive with birds and squirrels, racoons, etc. Amazingly the ‘Coons were not constantly trying to raid for food.

The weather was really magnificent. 80’s and 90’s with strong steady winds every day making for excellent flying. Jenny only bought 1 new kite; a lovely Prism E-2 from Cutting Edge Kites; one of the local kite shops.

I’ll try to get up some photos when I remember to bring my card reader to work with me.

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