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Who Gave the Orders?

The civilian control of our military (Rumsfeld) has now accused “Command level” officers of being responsible for the actions of the rogue torturers of Iraqi prosoners. These civilians have always been despised by the actual soldiers from the Pentagon brass all the way down the chain of command. If not despised then tolerated as the source of funding. The canaries, from Lynndie England all the way up the chain are about to start “singing”.

On Monday, President Bush reiterated his unyielding support for Rumsfeld, even as the influential Army Times newspaper called for heads to roll “even if that means relieving top leaders from duty in a time of war.” The abuses of Iraqi prisoners in Baghdad are “a failure that ran straight to the top,” argued the newspaper.

And all of this does flow from the top. With the occupation itself built on a web of lies–that invading Iraq was part of the war on terror, that Iraq had threatening weapons of mass destruction, that anybody who resisted the occupation was a “terrorist” or “thug”–it can only be assumed that those interrogators dealing with the nearly 50,000 Iraqi detainees in the last year were under enormous pressure to produce statements that fit these phony “facts.”

“I’d like to know who was the one that was giving instructions to the military intelligence personnel to turn up the heat,” Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinski, the nominal head of Abu Ghraib during the time in question, said in an interview on NBC. Unfortunately, that question needs to be addressed to the president of the United States.

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