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Kites and Magic

Finally, an update.

So, last weekend I and my kite-flyng friend headed down to Ocean Shores to catch some wind. Friday was kinda slow as winds go, so we got a chance to fly the ultra-lights and work on some tricks. Not as easy as they look. Part of the problem I think is the tremendous number of variables in the wind itself. Really, it is a living spirit and responds to living creatures playing with it.

Friday evening was a cloudy but not rainy evening with the Moon slipping in and out of the clouds, playing hide and seek. But since the wind wasn’t very strong it was warm enough to sit on the logs at the shore, watch the moon and listen to the surf.

Saturday was sunnier but still not much wind to speak of. Kinda of a lazy lounge on the beach and some desultory flying late in the afternoon so we stayed out past sunset and got back to the campsite after 10 pm. Late dinner and fell into a doze around the campfire.

But Sunday was the payoff! Sunny start to the day, but we had to pack up the campsite and put everything in the truck for the return. By the time we got everything done it was almost two o’clock but the wind was super. Nice and steady out of the WNW. The beach wasn’t too crowded, it being Sunday afternoon. And then; the most amazing spectacle. I’m practicing some precision maneuvers; boxes, ladders, figure-eights and stuff. Well, I’d settled into this series of smaller and smaller, tighter and tighter figure eighths then brought the kite around to my left side to land it. Due East is the HUGE cloud formation. I mean really huge. It spread probably 90 degrees of arc. A very distinct, 3-D, unmistakable infinity sign! Now directly to the South, the cloud bank had been there almost 2 hours unmoving. Just stationary, covering the southern sky. I pointed out this infinity sign to my friend who immediately said, Whoa! As it was nearing sunset, she had picked up her camera and was shooting the sunset. She made a couple of shots and then turned to shoot this cloud formation for me and it had completely morphed into a vaguely female figure. All this took place in the space of about 3 to 4 minutes. It was there and then it was gone.

Infinity and ephemerality
one package
in the clouds and wind.

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