Metaphors & Images

The Weekend

Well, I’ve been outed. Yes, I really have been meaning to start journaling for the last year. By my own spouse, no less! Ya can’t trust anyone these days.

WOW!!! Spent the last 72 hours immersed in a culture and family that has really surprised me. I’m too old to be believing in organizations or groups. That’s for the young and naive. And the idealistic. I’m in the “Age of Cynicism”; the world is going to Hell in a hand-basket and there’s very little the individual can do about it.

WELL, maybe that’s not completely true. Maybe some light can be carried into the darkness. NOTOCON and the Order has given me pause to hope. Maybe each individual can make a difference. Then again maybe I’m just buzzed from the wonderful fellowship of the last three days. What an eclectic bunch of people. If ya can’t get a sense of belonging in this group, you’re in trouble. Wonderful presentations, fabulous ritual, enriching conversations and chats with friends. What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, Beautiful surroundings!

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